Uncovering barriers in the Fabric Conditioner market

The Big Question

The business question that was posed was how to uncover and address the tangible and intangible barriers to trial that are restricting growth in the Fabric conditioner market.

The Insight Map

We began with a qualitative phase to uncover the key issues to be considered.  Previous work had shown that much of the response was rationalised with consumers providing answers that were considered socially acceptable.  We made the decision to interview friends and family where social barriers could be brought down more quickly and the ability to uncover hidden barriers could be more easily achieved

Our primary need was to explore real in-the-moment behaviour , rather than relying on claimed response.  We watched consumers at the shelf and analysed their buyer behaviour.  We conducted mobile interviews immediately after the consumer left the store after purchase and finally we used mobile apps to gain quantitative insight during the laundry cycle.  All these insight points were integrated to provide a robust response to the challenge.

The Learning Point

The output from this insight program allowed us to size and prioritise the main consumer barriers to purchase, to identify new occasions and opportunities to target and develop with the marketing team activation plans to overcome purchase barriers.

In a low involvement category, in the moment behaviour is a clearer guide than claimed attitudes.