Meet the Team

Find out more about the minds behind Moment10.

Stephen Factor

Managing Partner

Over 25 years’ experience in senior management positions in the Market Research industry, including leading TNS global consumer practice across 80 countries, while being based in the UK, US, France & Italy. Having held top management positions in global market research agencies, he blends hands-on corporate management experience with a deep understanding of Consumer Insight and Brand Strategy.

Richard Gush


A qualitative expert with 15+ years’ experience, Richard is passionate about brands, culture, people, and business. He has strong expertise in understanding culture, and making propositions work across markets. Richard brings extensive experience with both global insight agencies and boutique strategy firms.

Lucy Duncan


With 15+ years’ experience in the industry, Lucy specialises in research within the Consumer sector. She enjoyed a long career at TNS UK where she managed accounts for major FMCG clients. Her skills lie in distilling insight and interpreting consumer behaviour, to drive growth for major brands.

Monica Spinola


Monica has more than 20 years’ experience working in major international agencies for multinational clients. She was Qualitative Director at Millward Brown and member of the Qualitative European board. Wide expertise in branding, concept, and communication studies especially in food, beverages & spirits, personal & home care markets.

Voice of the consumer

By understanding the consumer, brands can make clearheaded and future-proofed decisions. What are consumers thinking about, right now?


I like the sustainability factor however I do find the idea of meat being grown in a lab an odd one to accept although I’m sure I would in time provided it is safe enough.

Alternative Proteins

Life is full of uncertainty. Changes are normal things. Just face it and accept it.

Gen Z

I've been a vegetarian for 35 years... but my dog ​​eats meat and that's what he should have.

Pet Food

I want to have a say but respect different opinions.

Gen Z

[Alternative Protein] is the future of food production. 'We' should be looking at how we can make the most of all sources of protein, and in a sustainable way.

Alternative Protein

To really be environmental/sustainable I would want to know that the production process uses as much green energy as possible and minimizes waste. The materials used to create the products should either be recycled or sustainably sourced.


I visit hot restaurants mainly for photos - maybe 80% of the time I am snapping my phone camera.

Gen Z

I actively look for sustainable products, but they aren’t always easy to find. The most important aspects of sustainability for me are the reduction of waste and increased use of recycled materials. These aspects really go hand-in-hand to reduce the material ending up in landfills.


There's not enough transparency. It’s weird because people just keep buying these products and it could be really horrible. [We need to know] because we're the consumer. If we want to know more about what we're buying, I think we deserve that right. Otherwise, we're not going to buy it.

Gen Z

think my generation feels less of the need to label ourselves. People want to be able to explore, and be exposed to everything before they figure out who they are, instead of just picking a definition for them. It goes back to people being more open.

Gen Z

I have a very favourable vision of companies that undertake a green approach... or that remove unnecessary ingredients and other flavour enhancers. I also like that brands remove overpacks and use recyclable plastic-free packaging. They are socially responsible and that is an undeniable quality.

Baby Food

I always try to be conscious about waste and what it does. I want to know how my daily activities might influence the environment. Recycling is something I do. I’ve been doing my entire life. That sort of ideology is really important to live your life by. Try to live off nature, but you also have to respect it.