Fuelling the global innovation pipeline for Pet Care

The Big Question

A successful player in the pet care space asked us to provide a detailed insight program that would fuel a strong, global innovation pipeline for the future success of their pet care business.

The Insight Map

We began with social media listening to understand the landscape of the category. We moved on to  in-home ethnography including digital diaries in 3 key countries to deep dive all aspect of the pet/owner relationship. The many needs that were elicited were funnelled down in quantitative screening. Potential opportunities we explored in 3 day on-line  communities among pet owner pioneers in 5 countries. Finally, a 5 country Prediction Market study provided robust validation of potential opportunity platforms.

The Learning Point

Such robust learning provided rich and valuable fuel for innovation. It included a clear needs architecture for the category, understanding of different directions by regional area and provided clear and specific opportunity platforms for development

Innovation platforms deeply grounded in the consumer voice provide strong opportunities for growth.